Razvan Ogircin

Managing Partner

AIMS International Romania
Borsec St.,
no. 4,


“My main concern is to do something that has a purpose and that exceeds by far earning a wage just for our daily lives. A moral sense should exist in what we do, that is positive, constructive and authentic.”

He has graduated from the Faculty of Economy of Timisoara and since then he has carried out a series of specializations, licenses and training courses. His career at AIMS started 18 years ago, while he was still a student and president of AIESEC Timisoara.

One of the principles in which he believes in belongs to Henry Ford, according to which “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.

“I can define AIMS as follows: for us people are not numbers, they are not resources, they are great entities, built on aspirations, believes, values, emotions, which grow on all plans. If we succeed to integrate this truth in what the world calls today with pretentiousness and grandiloquence to be “business”, I believe that we can built a business that is truly valuable, for our clients and for us, equally.”

Besides the extremely human approach to all of the projects, he believes that AIMS is an environment where people have the freedom to use their intelligence and creativity. This is what explains our constant performance, the long term relationships with our clients and the reference projects.

When he describes his personal life he mentions that he is married and that his family is formed of 5 members. This statement would make many raise one’s eyebrows because Razvan has a wife, an 12 year old boy and a 8 year old daughter. Plus a dog. But he also adds the AIMS team as his fifth family member. Considering the fact that he spends half of his day with the “gorgeous people from this tribe”, it is no wonder.


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