Mihaela Perianu

Managing Partner

AIMS International Romania
W.A. Mozart St.,
no. 16B,
2nd District,
Bucharest, 020256,


“Customers are very appreciative when you take the time to understand them. And our candidates are glad to talk to people who actually care”

In 1991, while still a student at the Academy of Economic Studies and a member of an NGO called AIESEC, she “landed” accidentally on a temporary project where she met the people that would join her in founding and developing Snelling Personnel Services (1991), Aims Human Capital (2001) and, subsequently, Dale Carnegie Training (2005).

Now, she has more than 24 years of experience in business development (extension of the company in Timisoara and later in Bulgaria, continuous addition of new business services to the company’s portfolio) and in recruitment and consulting. She accumulated experience through her work with candidates, colleagues and customers – and from the pioneering culture upon which the company was founded, one of action, experimentation and learning from your mistakes.

A company leader is in her opinion a mission catalyst that motivates the entire organization. Until now, her most important role was to bring people together – the team and external consultants – in order to discuss and decide “what we want in this world” from both a professional and a holistic perspective. This process helped define the AIMS mission, that of harmonizing people with organizations.

 “Now, my role is to make sure that we achieve our mission of being “craftsmen by vocation” and that we do it for us as a team, for candidates and companies. I like to read between the lines, to see beyond appearances, to find out what truly drives and motivates people. And I like to be able to say “no” when cooperation is unbalanced or when it cannot bring something good to both parties.”

She thinks that what characterizes the AIMS approach is a twofold mix of the confidence in itself and in its customers as the foundation of any action, together with the freedom and the capacity to consistently innovate – with these two making AIMS a company that can only be compared with itself and with its own values.

The road from a 20-year old junior to a company leader was built on the slightly idealist motivation of leaving something behind, of building something durable.

Beyond her business self, she loves the freedom that Sailing brings her, the peace that Buddhism inspires and the curiosity that Travel satiates.


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