John Rosing

Senior Partner
Team Member - Energy, Industrial

AIMS International Denmark
Gl. Kongevej 102,
1. tv.,
Frederiksberg DK-1850,


Prior to becoming a consultant within search & selection in 2008 John Rosing had 25 years of management experience in international industrial companies and companies in the energy sector.

He has worked in positions as CEO, VP, technical manager and business development manager. The areas have been in manufacturing, industrial process plants, food industry, energy and water supply, environmental management and computer systems engineering /robotics.

He has experience from cross border cooperation and project sales in many European countries, US and several countries in Asia Pacific. He has been living in France and Greenland, and he has established a joint venture manufacturing plant in India.

Through his knowledge about various industrial segments and his hands on management experience John Rosing has gained insight in the organisations and the ongoing management processes and collaborative practices in industrial companies. Therefore, in a specific client company he will be able to obtain the required overview to really understand the challenges and problems facing new leaders and managers and thus utilize this to find the best matches for his client.

John Rosing has a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a Bachelor’s degree in art history and modern culture at Copenhagen University.

Besides Danish, Swedish and Norwegian he speaks English and some German and French.


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Energy, Industrial

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