Gynella Parfenie

Senior Consultant

AIMS International Romania
Borsec St.,
no. 4,


“We want to know more about what the client knows; we work in a team to analyze the information, then we build the solution.”

She has graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, but immediately got a job as a journalist at the “Monitor” (Gazette) from Iasi. After six years, she came to Timisoara to start the “Monitor” from Timisoara. But the project never materialized so she turned to Snelling (today AIMS) to find a new job. She got a job right within the Snelling team, and even after 11 years she finds what she does to be just as interesting as in the beginning. She started her career at AIMS in the recruitment field, and today she works especially in consultancy projects.

“In the relationship with clients, I do my best to see things from their perspective. I try to stop thinking about my scenarios, preconceived ideas, experiences to which I have already been exposed to and to ask lots of questions in order to understand and to gain the information that they posses. Afterwards it is very easy to harmonize the people with the organizations, because you know exactly what you are looking for, what to develop and what to built.”

She believes that what characterizes AIMS in the relationship with clients is the way in which the consultants get entirely involved in the projects, in order to understand the big picture and to offer the best solutions. On the inside, the culture of the organization offers her freedom and responsibility when it comes to approaching the projects, allows her to evolve in an environment where people also find the time to have fun together. These are solid arguments for building a long term relationship.


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