Florentina Badita

Senior Consultant

AIMS International Romania
Borsec St.,
no. 4,


“Any project that involves change and development is a chance for us to change the world, at a smaller scale”

She has been working in human resources since 2003, and since 2005 in consultancy with the AIMS teams. She is a graduate of the West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English-German section, and started working in human resources by chance, thinking that the interview was for a PR job.

Her career at AIMS means a varied experience, from recruitment projects, assessment and development centres, outplacement projects, up to compensation and benefit studies and training sessions.

“First of all, I try to “harmonize” myself with the environment and the people with whom I work with. Then, I try to find out what makes people feel fulfilled, discover their real needs – which sometimes are very different from the stated ones – their values, interests, preferences, after which we work together on finding solutions.”

She describes AIMS in a very simple and direct manner, by using the phrase “we do what we are”: an authentic culture, that lives its values and highly appraises honesty. She believes that at AIMS, the continuous learning process allows people to grow, test their limits and evaluate themselves “in order to try to discover their personal vocation”. Working with people makes the AIMS team feel like they are in their own natural element, and the human or organizational development projects are challenges ”to change the world” at a smaller scale.

She is passionate about the idea of building and leaving a personal mark on everything she does, and she thinks that in an alternative life she could have opted for an architect or designer profession.


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