Catherine Brossard

Catherine Brossard

Managing Partner
Global Head - Talent Management

AIMS International France
33, Rue de Naples
75008 Paris


After her Phd. in Psychology, Catherine began her professional career as a sales engineer in IT and in the financial sector before becoming a HR Director in IT services company. Catherine evolved and became a human resources manager and senior consultant for services companies for over 20 years.

Catherine Brossard is one of the two partners who founded AIMS International France in 1994. She has built a successful record of accomplishments in finding top executive and middle management profiles for medium, large, French and international companies. She has been working a lot on services extension, especially by developing international approach, by developing coaching knowledge and in professionalizing consulting methods.

She is a member of the SYNTEC organization (French professional syndical in HR business) and an associate of the SF Coach (French coaching association).

In AIMS international, she is the head of talent management.

Certifications: SHL (OPQ/MQ/360°…), Golden, Sosie

Languages: French and English.


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