Andrea Telegdi

Business Development Manager

AIMS International Romania
Borsec St.,
no. 4,


“We truly strive to make a difference on a service market where tomorrow seems to be more important than the years to follow”

Andrea’ s career at AIMS has begun almost from the opening of the office in Timisoara, 19 years ago. She has a graduate diploma in economic studies – tourism department, and dreamt of working in the field, but things did not go as planned. By chance, she got a job at Snelling (today AIMS), where she started from scratch. In time, she has contributed to the name change (project which she has loved) and at the introduction of all the new services in the company portfolio – human resources audit, salary surveys, evaluations, training.

“My role is to identify possible clients, from the perspective of the business type, as well from the perspective of their culture and how they « value» their employees. I also try to identify new development directions and new services following the market development. ”

She builds relations with most clients – “with those that allow us to…”- as long term partnerships. Because, on a market that seems to value short term thinking, vision is an asset. AIMS has offered her this environment where people have the possibility to think, to do what they like and to grow.

However, if at some point, the rebel part of her personality should ever get bored of consultancy, Andrea wants to do something involving cooking. She is a passionate cook, whose talents are enjoyed by family and friends.


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