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Technology is playing an increasing role in levelling the playing field in which organizations operate and this leads to ever more fierce competition for talent acquisition and results, both globally and domestically. We experience constant and ever faster change in HR strategies and HR structures in our client’s organizations in a race to adapt to the requirements of a changing world.

AIMS International is a worldwide partnership of Executive Search and Talent Management firms operating in more than 50 countries and from about 90 offices around the globe. Our objective is to form global strategic partnerships with our clients and help them meet their strategic goals by acquiring and developing the high performers they need to succeed in this new world. We provide our clients a result-based and customized alternative to the traditional model of international recruitment. The traditional model of international recruitment utilizes the services of multi-branch and many-layered search firms operating with a country by country focus and charging high fees with wide variances in results.

The business model that drives AIMS International is different. The partners of well established and well respected domestic search firms in several countries joined together in the early 1990’s to create a partnership dedicated to the highest quality standards of international executive search. The power of AIMS International lies in the fact that each partner has high accountability for achieving excellent results and our clients benefit from a truly international approach irrespective of country borders.

AIMS International partners are committed to a process of continual review and monitoring of our quality standards. Our Executive Board and our Executive Committee ensure that our quality standards are at the highest level in every country in which we operate. The functioning of a high performance organization requires recognition of, and response to clients needs. This is why AIMS International has an international key account manager and account structure that provides each client with the individualized custom service he requires.

If you are looking for different and better results in your executive search and talent management challenges, locally and for all of your international operations, then you should try working with AIMS International, the alternative that makes a difference.

Pierangelo Favero

President – AIMS International

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